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Shetler Lumber Company, Inc.
2850 Route 6
Waterford, Pa 16441

In just half a dozen years, Shetler Lumber has grown from a three-person operation and a rented mill to over 50 employees in a technologically advanced new facility of their own.

Noah Shetler attributes much of the company's success to the hard-to-beat combination of the latest technology and a skilled and dedicated work force. "Dedicated, hard-working employees using the most modern equipment enable us to produce quality products efficiently, with very little waste," Shetler says.

Quality products at the right price. Equally important to Shetler Lumber's success is the company's direct-to-the-consumer structure, which eliminates layers of cost. Those savings are passed on to you in the form of lower prices. "We have as good a product as any out there," Noah Shetler says. "But we also have as good a price as any, too, because we cut out the middleman."

Unmatched service. Everyone at Shetler Lumber is keenly aware that even the best quality at the best price isn't enough if you don't provide excellent service as well. "We try to give our customers the best service in the industry," Shetler says, "so when they think about hardwood moulding -- or logs or whatever -- they think about us."